Word Permit

Word Permit

Criteria forapplying for foreign Work permits, problems encountered the most importantdeficiencies experienced in the evaluation of the application for foreign workpermits to the Ministry of Labor are that foreign or employer documents are notin the required criteria, or are not timely even if the documents and criteriaare complete. Failure to complete the applications for foreign work permit in atimely manner, late access of the documents to the Ministry, incompletedocuments not being completed in full and on time, or misrepresentation of theamount of mortar or time missed; foreign work permits are returned, thetransaction is not removed, the permissions are not timely or the files arerejected. Minimization of these shortcomings is ensured by conscientiousapplication of foreign work permits from the Ministry of Labor, strictfollow-up and timely intervention. Universal Consultancy on foreign workpermits, consultancy services; home service, entertainment, health, tourism,aviation and other sectors with experienced expert staff serves you.

Turkey concerning foreign work permits are to be found in the application and said that the current situation regarding Turkey 3 different types of work permits are available;

Work permit  for short term

Work permitindefinitely

Independent work permit